Areas of Application

panelingress has a solution for every need. Whether classic market research panels, company panels or customer communities - panelingress has the answer. panelingress is the perfect way to integrate your customers with product development. You can also quickly and easily create panels for special target groups, such as doctors or farmers. The numerous design features enable your panel to be seamlessly integrated with your corporate website. Participants log in to the panel through your website and participate in surveys they've been assigned.

Market Research panel

Example of a market research panel

Example of a market research panel

Online panels are gaining in popularity in both industry and institutional market research. Participants make a conscious choice to participate in panel surveys. A distinction is made between open panels, in which participants take part by simply registering, and closed panels in which participants take part by invitation only. The composition of the panel is particularly important and puts high demands on the panel operators. The IT solution is provided by us.

Consumer panels

Example of a consumer panel

Example of a consumer panel

Consumer panels are a good way of finding out what your customers think. Involving them as early as possible in the product creation phase reduces a product's flop rate and enables you to develop products that meet your customers' requirements. You invite your customers to take part in a new product survey and show them product concepts, images or videos. You can reward your customers with the integrated incentive system.

Innovation portal

Ever shorter product cycles are increasing the pressure to innovate. But the future users of an innovation are often neglected. An innovation portal with our panel software enables you to integrate users in the innovation process at an early stage. Co-creation enables you to involve them in the innovation. Trend scouting shows you early on if you're on the right track. We'd be more than happy to tell you about the possibilities.

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