Licence Models

Our keyingress software can be used as a hosted solution or installed locally on one of your servers.

On-demand solution

The on-demand solution enables you to use keyingress over the internet, giving you access to the latest version of the basic application and its modules. Backups, updates and support are all part of the package. All you need is an internet-enabled computer. Ingress' servers are stored in secure data centres in Germany.

keyingress on-demand is available in two versions: you can book keyingress for individual projects or buy an annual licence for a minimum period of one year. This makes keyingress the perfect solution for both sporadic and frequent users.

Our price calculator will help you determine the cost of your licence.

In-house solution

The in-house solution consists of installing keyingress on one of your own servers and paying a one-time licence fee. It's the ideal solution if you want to store all your data in house or integrate salesingress with other locally installed applications.


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