A multilingual questionnaire is created by first creating a master questionnaire, for example, in English. The translation function prepares the questionnaire for additional languages. An integrated library for frequently translated text makes the job easier. Questionnaires can be translated into all languages and character sets. The data and the results are stored in UTF-8.

Translation interface

Translation interface

Programming instructions and script components are not visible during translation. This enables people who are not used to working at the programme level to do the translation. You can also give an external translation agency access to the application so the translation can be done directly in keyingress. Alternatively, you can export a language table for the master questionnaire to Excel and import it into keyingress once the translation has been completed.

The language can be switched during an interview. You can also use the selected language as a filter, for example, when specific questions or answers are not supposed to be shown in all languages.

Try our multilingual demo survey.


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